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Since opening, We Care Spa has received an increasing amount of attention from the press. To learn more, please contact info@wecarespa.com.
Study Featuring We Care Spa

A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Physiological Effects of a Spa Retreat That Uses Caloric Restriction and Colonic Hydrotherapy
December, 2012 - VOL. 11, NO. 6
Andrew B Newberg, MD; Joseph C Wilson; Nancy A Wintering, MSW
Context: Spa retreats provide comprehensive programs for the purpose of stress reduction, detoxification, weight loss, and improvements in health and wellbeing, and the programs often include caloric restriction and the use of colonic hydrotherapy. Considerable controversy has existed regarding the risks and benefits associated with these therapies. Studies on such programs could help the general public and health care providers to be better informed about their risks and benefits. Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine initial safety data associated with participating in a spa program that included diet modification, meditation, and colonic hydrotherapy. In addition, the research team hoped to determine the physiological effects of the program. Design: The study was a pilot in support of development of a more formal efficacy study. Setting: The We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California was the setting for this study. Participants: Participants were 15 healthy individuals who were previously planning to participate in a 1-week spa program. Intervention(s): Over a 1-week period at the spa, the participants (1) received at least four colonics, (2) voluntarily participated in low-risk hatha and Vishnu flow-yoga programs, and (3) followed a juice-fast-cleansing very low calorie diet (VLCD) of approximately 800 calories per day. Stress management was provided through daily structured meditation and yoga programs as well as time for personal meditation to encourage deep breathing, heightened awareness, and a calming effect. Outcome Measure(s): Participants underwent a standardized physical exam before and immediately upon completion of the spa program. The exams included measures of weight, blood pressure, and laboratory values as well as psychological and spiritual measures. Comparisons of the pre- and post-program values were performed using a paired t test. Results: A number of significant changes occurred and were associated with undergoing the spa program. Weight decreased from a mean of 162.2 to 155.4 pounds (P = .0001). Diastolic BP decreased from a mean of 73.7 to 68.0 mm Hg (P = .01). Sodium decreased from a mean of 146.4 to 141.0 mEq (P = .006), and chloride decreased from a mean of 108.1 to 100.3 mEq/l (P = .0001). Hemoglobin increased from a mean of 13.6 to 14.4 g/dl (P = .009). Measures of depression (P = .0004), anxiety (P = .001), vigor (P = .0018), and tension (P = .01) were significantly improved. No serious adverse events were reported by any individual. Conclusions: Overall, the results of this preliminary study demonstrated improvements in several physiological and psychological measures resulting from participation in the spa program in conjunction with a finding of no significant safety concerns. Of note, the decrease in sodium and chloride suggests an influence on electrolytes that should be closely evaluated in individuals who may be at greater risk for electrolyte abnormalities.
Read more
Online Features

Galavante Confidential - New Year, New You
December 31, 2013
Oh, the holidays – they've done it again. Only last week they were promising epic galas and annual bonuses. Now they'’'re gone, taking with them any semblance of muscle tone and one Google Glass, smashed to bits by Uncle Hank in a whiskey-induced tirade against "the man." (We could not make that up.) Read more

Red Carpet Ready: Award Season Secrets... How The Beautiful People Get That Way
September 22, 2013
One month before: It's time to prep that bod with a long weekend spent at Liv Tyler's favourite detox centre, We Care, in Palm Springs. Juices, yoga, and more juices. Read more

OK! Loves: Detoxing Like The Stars At We Care Spa
January 29, 2013
After over-indulging over the holidays and needing a kick start to get back on a healthy regime. I took a visit to one of my favorite detox spas ever - We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California! Well if it's good enough for celebrities like Ben Affleck, Gwen Stefani and Gisele Bundchen then I was happy to give it a try! Read more

Red Carpet Guide 2013: Ready, Set ... Style!
January 17, 2013
A few days of eating healthy, hiking, doing yoga, and relaxing at a wellness retreat is the perfect way to experience calm and gear up for the pre-awards madness that is about to begin. We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs is a popular choice... Read more

Fitness Getaways: The 8 Hottest Spas Near L.A.
January 11, 2013
The luxe spots where Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Seacrest and Heidi Klum can put down their iPhones and Blackberrys to drop pounds, detox and feel human (again) all at once. As if you needed another reason to take a spa getaway, now there's scientific proof that it benefits your health. A Thomas Jefferson University study found that a seven-day stay can result in an average loss of 6.8 pounds as well as a significant drop in blood pressure and tension. Even a weekend away will yield benefits, says study author Andrew Newberg, M.D., but, of course, "The longer a person reduces their stresses and maintains a healthy lifestyle and diet, the better." Read more

Reboot, Redux
January 11, 2013
Just before the holidays I made a pilgrimage to a desert oasis. Alone. A desperately needed interruption in my routine. (I'd only done this once before in the past 12 years, for three days last spring.) The landscape, beautiful in its stark eeriness. Nothing to do. Nothing to eat. Nothing to decide, but should I walk or should I meditate? Should I take a nap, or should I soak in the hot spring? No one to take care of but myself. So strange. Being. Just being. Feeling the gradual return to myself. The self that is always lying patiently waiting for me to attend to it. Always last on my list after my jobs, myriad tasks, unending list of errands, my Sisyphean busy-ness. My addiction to "doing." Read more

Study: Visiting the Spa Improves Health
December 13, 2012
BREAKING: Something we've been preaching for a long time has actually, finally, been proven by SCIENCE. We have official backing! A new study from The Thomas Jefferson University Hospital has confirmed that a week-long spa stay DOES correspond with (positive) changes in your physical and emotional well-being. AKA: Spa-ing is good for your wellness…hmm…who predicted that one?! The study, which included 15 participants of a wide range of ages, took place at We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA. The program was one week long and included meditation, colonic hydrotherapy, yoga programs, a low calorie diet and juice cleanse. For a few days prior to arriving at We Care, participants were asked to prep by avoiding pasta, meat, cheese, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods. Read more

A Week At A Spa Works Real Health Wonders
November 28, 2012
It’s official: hitting the spa is really good for you. A new report says that spending a week at a retreat can not only influence your emotional well-being, but your physical well-being as well. Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia tracked 15 people before they went into a California wellness spa and afterward. There was legitimate evidence that the health of the spa-goers was significantly improved—perhaps the first scientific proof of a belief held by many for generations. Read more

Is A Spa Retreat The Key To Your Soul's Estate?
November 26, 2012
If you are anything like me, you've worked yourself to the nth degree and are in need of rejuvenation. After all, your soul's estate is only as valuable as its upkeep, right? However, is there any proven benefits to a spa retreat beyond that incredible boost of endorphins that feed an overall sense of wellbeing? Evidently, there really is! In fact, contrary to what many believe, newly-published research in Integrative Medicine suggests that the combination of caloric restriction, colonic therapy, meditation and yoga may provide the body with actual physiological benefits beyond the feeling of wellness. Read more

A Week At A Health Spa Improves Health
November 26, 2012
PHILADELPHIA -- Not only are health spas relaxing and nourishing, a weeklong spa stay can correspond with changes in physical and emotional well-being, U.S. researchers say. Lead author Dr. Andrew Newberg of the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, and colleagues evaluated 15 participants -- 13 women and two men ages of 21-85 -- before and after their visit to We Care Spa, a health and wellness spa in Desert Hot Springs Calif. "Programs such as these have never before been formally evaluated for their safety and physiological effects," Newberg said in a statement. The week-long program included diet modification, meditation and colonic hydrotherapy, voluntarily participation in low-risk hatha and Vishnu flow-yoga programs, and a juice-fast cleansing very low calorie diet of approximately 800 calories per day. Stress management was provided through daily structured meditation and yoga programs. Read more

One-week Spa Therapy Boosts Health
November 26, 2012
A new study shows that a week-long spa retreat offers more than just relaxation and pampering—it can improve one's physical and emotional health. New research from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital evaluated 15 participants before and after their visit to We Care Spa, a health and wellness spa in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., and found the program was safe and helped to improve the participants' health. Their complete findings will be available in the December issue of Integrative Medicine, A Clinician’s Journal. "Programs such as these have never before been formally evaluated for their safety and physiological effects," says Andrew Newberg, MD, director of research at the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine and lead author on the study. Read more

Study: Spas Can Make You Physically, Emotionally Healthier
November 21, 2012
A new study shows that a week-long spa retreat offers more than just relaxation and pampering—it can improve one's physical and emotional health. New research from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital evaluated 15 participants before and after their visit to We Care Spa, a health and wellness spa in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., and found the program was safe and helped to improve the participants' health. Their complete findings will be available in the December issue of Integrative Medicine, A Clinician’s Journal. "Programs such as these have never before been formally evaluated for their safety and physiological effects," says Andrew Newberg, MD, director of research at the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine and lead author on the study. Read more

Week At The Spa Provides Tangible Health Benefits
November 20, 2012
Just one week at a health spa improves emotional and physical well-being, with measureable improvements in health, a new study finds. Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital evaluated 15 participants before and after their visit to the We Care Spa, a health and wellness spa in Desert Hot Springs California, and found appreciable improvements in health after just one week. "Programs such as these have never before been formally evaluated for their safety and physiological effects," said lead author Dr. Andrew Newberg, director of research at the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine. The researchers' pilot study is one of the first to attach scientific data to the outcomes of a health and wellness spa stay. Read more

A week at a health spa improves health
November 20, 2012
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 20 (UPI) -- Not only are health spas relaxing and nourishing, a weeklong spa stay can correspond with changes in physical and emotional well-being, U.S. researchers say. Lead author Dr. Andrew Newberg of the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, and colleagues evaluated 15 participants -- 13 women and two men ages of 21-85 -- before and after their visit to We Care Spa, a health and wellness spa in Desert Hot Springs Calif. Read more

One-week Spa Treatment Can Help Boost Your Health
November 20, 2012
Treating yourself a week at a spa could improve your health, say researchers. A new study has revealed that not only are spa treatments relaxing and nourishing, but they are safe and a week-long spa stay can correspond with changes in our physical and emotional well-being. Researchers from the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital evaluated 15 participants before and after their visit to We Care Spa, a health and wellness spa in Desert Hot Springs California, and found the program safe and helped to improve the participants' health. Read more

One Week at a Health Spa Improves Your Health, Study Shows
November 19, 2012
A new study shows that not only are they relaxing and nourishing, but are they safe and a week-long spa stay can correspond with marked changes in our physical and emotional well-being. New research from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital evaluated 15 participants before and after their visit to We Care Spa, a health and wellness spa in Desert Hot Springs California, and found the program safe and helped to improve the participants' health. Read more

The Body Whisperer
April 10, 2012
Many of Simon's celeb clients visit We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., before shoots and red-carpet events. "The eight-day renewal package will have you detoxed and 10 pounds lighter." Read more

Beauty From The Inside
August 14, 2011
This my friend is when a serious detox is needed and a trip to "We Care" is the ticket, merely two hours away from LA nestled in the heart of the Desert.... somebody cares! Feast upon delicious shakes and green things whilst chilling at the pool. Experience the enema, this appeals to my nihilist side in ways we won't discuss....I ask myself is this Beauty from the inside or Beauty as a result of removing my insides?.....who cares.... Skin that glows and looks (according the bar tender at the Chateau) ten years younger...that's a result...... I only wish I could see my colon! Read more

Healthy Girl: We Care Detox Spa & Spiritual Retreat...
July 17, 2011
This week I will be in the desert. Palm Springs to be exact. Why you ask? So I can tell YOU all about the We Care Detox Spa & Spiritual Retreat. In an effort to continue my healthy ways I continuing on what I feel like will be a journey in re-tooling my body. I have done a great cleanse and now it’s time to take it to the next level. We Care is detox celebrity style as Matthew McConnaghey, Gwen Stefani, Ben Affleck, Giselle Bundchen and MANY others have visited this very place to detox their bodies over and over again. We Care has also been featured in the pages of InStyle Mag, People, Vogue, USA Today, NY Times as well as on E!, CNN, Entertainment Tonight. Read more

Front Roe: How the A-listers Look Hot
January 25, 2011
If there's one thing I learned the minute I moved to LA, it's that people make it their priority to stay in shape here. Their bodies, skin, hair, teeth, nails - everything is toned and tanned, manicured and glossed to within an inch of its life. But what it took me a little longer to figure out, is that there's a failsafe way to cheat. We Care is a detox spa in Palm Springs, about one and a half hours' drive from Los Angeles. Nestled in the desert mountains, it's a gorgeous tranquil setting where people (and by people, I am also including about 99% of the actors and actresses you see on the Oscars red carpet), go for anywhere between three and eight days to chill out and get healthy. Read more

The Insider: Milena Muzquiz
January 19, 2011
Milena Muzquiz, a Mexican-born singer and artist, has a career arc that is more of a zigzag. She leads one life in Los Angeles, where she performs alongside Martiniano Lopez Crozet in the band Los Super Elegantes, and another in Palermo, Italy, where she lives with her husband, the artist Manfredi Beninati. ... Holidays: The We Care spa in Palm Springs, Calif. Read more

Give The Gift Of Well-Being
December 6, 2010
Towards the end of the summer Rahiel and I were invited to a Day of Beauty at the Juice Fasting Spiritual Retreat, We Care Spa, the number one choice to many celebrities like, Lisa Rinna, Molly Sims, Gwen Stefani, Ben Affleck and Giselle Bundchen. I was thrilled to go since I love the warm dessert heat. It was a much needed getaway for the both of us... Read more

Desert Detox: We Care Spa
November 3, 2011
Located about 100 miles east of L.A., We Care Health Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California has attracted a near cult-like celebrity following with bold-face names looking to cleanse, relax, and shed some pounds. We Care Health Spa’s holistic approach to wellness focuses on cleansing the system of toxins through a natural, all-liquid diet program. If you are interested in a serious recharge to transform your body and mind, or just looking to loose a few pounds with a daily regimen of juice fasting, yoga, and lymphatic massages, then this is the place for you. Daily colonics are part of the suggested regimen, but if lounging around a hot tub or having an aromatherapy massage is more your speed, then fear not, as plenty of options are available, including daily yoga and meditation classes. Or spend a contemplative afternoon soaking in the desert sun while lounging on their Cirque Du Soleil-esque floating bed or walking the ancient labyrinth while taking in the panoramic mountain vistas. Read more

We Care Spa - A Detox Retreat
September 28, 2010
Very few of us can go back to eating and living as we did hundreds of years ago. But we have the luxury of going to a detox spa (or doing it for free at home) where we can get our bodies back to what it should be, free of toxins. Sure, there are many detox resorts but We Care Spa is special and truly unique. It was started by Susana Lombardi Belen 25 years ago and she runs it with her daughter Susan. This family run resort is more of a home than a business, you feel like they are taking you into their happy home to take care of you and they are passionate about doing it. The resort is beautiful in its warmth and charm, and is literally an oasis in the middle of the Palm Springs desert (I thought I was lost because there was nothing around and then suddenly, I see this cluster of trees and plants and the resort hidden among it all). It is incredibly relaxing, homey and comfortable. Read more

We Care Spa, A Detoxification Spa Center
September 27, 2010
A detox spa is the last place I thought I'd find a relaxing retreat. Truly, the word detox is quite scary to me- conjuring up thoughts of starving on a liquid diet, consuming laxatives or worse- under going a colonic! Let me tell you, my eyes- and mind- have been opened to a whole new world of pampering, thanks to the We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California. Detox is the core part of the program at We Care Spa but there is so much more that the spa can offer you that will have you feeling rejuvenated and looking younger! The spa's philosophy is to help you heal your mind, body and spirit! Read more

The Secret to Health and Beauty: "Detoxify and Revitalize"
September 21, 2010
I, probably much like you, am a woman that full-heartedly believes I need an arsenal of anti-aging skin care products. I believe that a drink or pill can actually burn a hundred calories by simply ingesting it, thus magically granting me back my teenage body and metabolism (OK, I might be alone on that one). And, I use makeup as a crutch for my less-than-perfect skin. I tell you this because I recently visited We Care Spa, a detoxification and spiritual retreat that's been covered by "VH1" and "E!" and touted as a celebrity secret for health and beauty. I knew going in that it was going to be the kind of place where my BlackBerry dependence wouldn’t be appreciated and my love of fried food would have to fly under the radar. I would have to embrace what I so often preach, but rarely practice -- that beauty really does start from the inside out. The message and the "secret" that celebrities get from the spa is really common sense (yet so easy to forget when we know that great under eye concealers exist), which is that removing toxins from your body gives you better/younger-looking skin. Read more

Gentle Fasting versus Vigorous Fasting
September 20, 2010
This weekend I went to We Care Spa for a three-day fast. For those of you who are not familiar with We Care, it is a simple retreat center in Palm Springs where you go and fast for a weekend or longer (one woman was there for three weeks). It is vigorous fasting, and by this I mean full-force. They recommend colonics every day and you drink fiber that expands ten times in your belly to "cleanse" your colon. You take lots of pills – enzymes, probiotics, fiber regulators, green pills, etc. – and fix yourself drinks throughout the day such as the fiber drink I mentioned and other not so tasty drinks. Midday you do get a green/carrot juice which is yummy and at night they serve a pureed single vegetable soup that feels like a feast when you haven't eaten all day – good times:) The grounds are breathtaking. The property is in a remote area with spectacular views of the mountains. The air is clear and if you love the desert like I do, it is extremely nourishing to be in that environment. They have great classes – my favorites were yoga and pilates by a beautiful, dreadlock sporting girl named Patricia who personifies the saying, "Be the peace you wish to see in the world." Read more

Best Cleanse & Detox Bars In Los Angeles
August 26, 2010
Though the usual roster rounds out at five, we'd be remiss not to include one last entry. Why? Because, like the name of the spa itself: we care. The other reason for this exception is because it is NOT based in Los Angeles but well beyond its frenetic orbit, and rightfully so. A classic and quiet full-body detox haven located in the heart of Desert Hot Springs, We Care's high-paying patrons (celebs like Matt Damon, Liv Tyler and Gisele Bündchen are said to be among their clientele) can do yoga, swim, get a massage or meditate, and/or willingly partake of round-the-clock feasts of organic vegetable juice and fruits, the ultimate purpose of the latter being to help the body purge itself of toxins. Read more

My Night At The Oscars Almost Sent Me La La
March 8, 2010
Nothing must get in the way of looking good for that all important close-up. If you imagined celebrities spending an afternoon primping and preening before last night's Oscars, you seriously misjudged the levels of dedication here. In the run-up to awards season, stars disappear. They're all ensconced at the We Care spa, hidden outside LA, where celebrities go to detox and drop pounds before stepping on to that red carpet. Read more

Spa Review: We Care Spa – Desert Hot Springs
November 29, 2009
During my recent chat with Alicia Silverstone (that you can read all about on My Skin Affair) she raved and raved about We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA. She so was so enthusiastic and passionate about it that I had to check it out for myself. Read more

Celebrity Skin: Alicia Silverstone
November 3, 2009
I asked Alicia if she had a favorite spa and she, with loads of enthusiasm, told me all about her favorite place to go that is a holistic health spa and spiritual retreat. Alicia loves and swears by We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA. "You come out of there healthier than you’ve ever been in your life. The energy is amazing, the water is amazing, it will change your life. It's nourishing for your soul and spirit." She went on about it as if it is her favorite place in the world. "I go for 5 days to a week. I go by myself or with a friend. I go when I want to recharge my batteries". Read more

We Care Spa A Taste of Desert Hot Springs
November 6, 2009
Many Americans suffering from mineral deficiency welcome the opportunity to visit the medicinal hot springs and experience water in its pure and natural state. But as you detoxify externally by absorbing minerals, you may want to consider the program at We Care Spa, a detoxification spa in Desert Hot Springs that focuses on restoring balance by paying attention to your internal organs. By giving your body the opportunity to stop focusing on the digestion of solid foods, which can often take its toll on the colon and intestines, We Care allows visitors to flush out accumulated toxins and integrate effective cleansing methods into their regimen, which can range from a three-day to a four-week program. The program, which has catered to clients from far and wide for the last 16 years, promotes health and raises energy levels, while also aiding in the maintenance of a healthy body weight. Read more

10 Great Places to Detox, Tune Up, Calm Down
May 4, 2007
"We Care is the home of the classic California detox: a liquid fast, wheatgrass juice, purifying teas, fiber supplements and daily colonics," Brown says. "It's a relatively small and modest spa in a beautiful setting. You can get detoxifying spa treatments like lymphatic massage, plus yoga, meditation, and dance classes." Read more

A Spa Index Review
November 21, 2003
The We Care Holistic Health Center ("We Care") in Desert Springs, California enjoys a favorable reputation as a holistic health care center with the Hollywood crowd, who have long appreciated both its private and intimate facilities, and its strict liquid-diet and colonic cleansing regimen. Some guests hope for a panacea for an excessive lifestyle; other guests seek and find a spiritual restorative escape. At is core, however, We Care is less of a celebrity weekend detox camp than it is a group of individuals passionate about their programs and their guests. Those guests return to the Spa year after year. Owner and nutritional expert Susana Lombardi and her daughter and partner, Susy Lombardi, describe We Care as "a popular hot spot for overworked corporate America, media executives, models, musicians, and actors, and the spiritually-minded and health-conscious around the globe.""Naturally, we wanted a first-hand look at a popular spa which receives a good deal of popular press" said Kristina Fitzhugh, Editor of Spa Index. "More than that, however, we felt we needed a man's perspective; we wanted him to have little or no experience with alternative health methods; and, we wanted someone who was willing and eager to seek out a new experience, but a little nervous, at the same time." In October, Spa Index sent its UK-based field reviewer to We Care, and we are pleased to share his experience with our readers... Read more

We Care Spa Review - Detoxifying Enlightenment 
To find a pure lifestyle is what many of us wish for. Detoxify and cleanse means that you rise each morning feeling revived and renewed. Waking with a smile, looking out at the beautiful change of season, is preferred to a scowl at the thought of traffic on the way to work and the stress of the day ahead of us. Seeing each day as a new opportunity to live and grow, rather than fighting to maintain your sanity from the minute you get out of bed until your head hits the pillow each evening. This refreshed feeling may seem impossible with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives- especially this time of year- but in reality that feeling is completely yours if you’re willing to cough-up a pretty (and well spent) penny and let yourself succumb to a 6 day adventure/vacation filled with new and different experiences. You may think, "I don’t have the time", but if you sit back and think about it- your body makes time for you every single moment of everyday. The least you can do for your body is give it your complete care and attention for 6 days. Your body is your vehicle for life- and nothing is more important than keeping it maintenained. So you book your plane ticket, pack your bag, and make your way to We Care Spa, in Desert Hot Springs, California. Read more
TV Appearances

Actress Dana Delany spoke about We Care Spa on Live! with Regis and Kelly on March 30, 2011.

Actor Matt Damon talks to Jay Leno about We Care Spa on the January 26, 2000 episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Alejandro Junger, M.D.
"Now a different man stood before me: fifteen pounds lighter, with shiny glowing skin, and with eyes whose whites were whiter than any I'd ever seen....Sensing my astonishment, he told me he'd just completed a detox program at a holistic center located minutes from my home, out in the desert." Read more

Clean Gut
Alejandro Junger, M.D.
"It was a surprose visit by my friend Eric, who arrived ten days after he'd completed a detox program at a holistic center located just a few minutes from my home in Palm Springs...." Read more
Newspaper and Magazine Features

Spring 2013
Where does a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model go to get just a little more perfect? This desert getaway has become a hotspot for Hollywood starlets and model types looking to lose those last pesky pounds or to get the kind of glow that juice cleanses promise. Read more

O - The Oprah Magazine
May 2013
We Care 365 Nutritional Solutions featured in The O List (Aging Brilliantly Edition) - Gut Reaction: This kit contains the key ingredients for an anti-aging smoothie--flaxseed extract (an anti-inflammatory) and a plant-based supplement loaded with vitamins and minerals. Read more

Trusting my GPS as it drove me into a desolate area out of Palm Springs, I was on the look out for an opulent Spa/Resort style of place. All I came across was desert, shrubs and the beautiful mountain vistas that surround the whole Coachella valley. Finally, as I was being winded through twists and turns, I saw ahead of me a cutout space of green, an oasis of sorts. "This must be it." I thought. As I heard the GPS proclaim, "You have arrived at your destination," I saw the adobe walls and the iron gates welcome me with a sign saying, "WE CARE SPA". Read more

US Weekly
December 2012
Cameron Diaz and mom Billie enjoying some R&R at the We Care Detox Spa and Spiritual Retreat in Desert Hot Springs, California. Read more

Vanity Fair
February 2012
With five Wimbeldon singles championships, three Olympic gold medals, and a record-breaking serve, Venus Williams has made an indelible mark on the history of women’s tennis. In addition to wiritng a New York Times best-selling book, Come to Win (Amistad), she has just introduced a line of activewear, EleVen, which looks great on and off the court. Herewith, her favorite things… Favorite spa We Care Spa, in Desert Hot Springs, California. The most awesome place to relax and detox. Read more

Condé Nast Traveller Russia
February 2012
(Translated from Russian) We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs in the California Desert emphasizes both the detox-procedure and the recovery of mental balance. Guests lose up to 1.3 kg for each of the 6 days of the course, and men statistically lose even more weight faster. Read more

Aspen Magazine
Late Summer-Fall 2011
Local Go-To: Local schmocale! Glenda prefers to combine her leisure with travel. Gotta Have It Getaway: We Care Spa outside of Palm Springs, a sparse shrine to detoxifying the body. "We Care is set in an extremely relaxing and quiet desert setting. Lots of very interesting people but it's not known for its luxury." The Treatments: Daily colonic irrigations combined with a liquid diet. "After two days I don’t think I’d ever felt or looked better." Eats: Think of We Care as a treat for your gut, not your inner gourmet. Liquid fasting is the order du jour; think oodles of pureed vegetable soups, green juices, and lemon water. Not to worry though: "meditation and visualization classes help you get through the hunger." Unique Selling Point: "We Care detoxes the mind, not just the body." Regulars: Serious colonic enthusiasts. Read more

Us Weekly
February 2, 2009
What It Is: Stars visit the Desert Hot Springs, California, spa and consume a maximum of 400 calories per day with a liquid fast (think wheatgrass, lemon water and vegetable juice) and colonics. (Stays range from three days to a month.) "It's amazing total detoxification," Molly Simms tells Us. Celeb Fan: Lisa Rinna Read more

We Care is a hop, skip and a jump from L.A. and a destination for many celebs, including Gwen Stefani, Kerry Washington, Liv Tyler, Matt Damon and Ali Landry. The holistic health center’s approach is to cleanse the system of toxins (often the cause of digestive problems, fatigue, and weight gain) with a natural, all-liquid diet program and the use of daily colonics. The setting is beautiful – check out the peaceful pool and the tranquil hot tub. Spa treatments like lymphatic massage, reflexology and raindrop therapy are also available, as well as daily yoga and meditation classes and spirit walks. It boasts two decades of highly satisfied clientele – 85 percent of them return on a regular basis. Read more

Courtney Love used to party hard, but earlier this year she embraced a healthy new lifestyle. "I've lost a lot of weight through being disciplined," she says. She maintained her willpower by putting fat pictures of herself and a padlock on her refrigerator! "I put the non-Photoshopped pictures on my fridge and had a lock fixed on it," she admits. Courtney, 43, also drank two Isopure meal replacement shakes a day and ate one meal of fish and broccoli. And she had colonics. "People think it’s about weight loss, but it’s about detoxing," says the recovering addict who goes to the We Care Spa in Palm Springs, Calif., a few times a year for treatment. Read more

Nicole Richie notwithstanding, actresses have weight problems like the rest of us. And when they need to get in red carpet shape-in a hurry-there’s only one place to go: the We Care Spa. Located about 100 miles east of L.A., the popular fasting retreat has hosted the likes of Minnie Driver and Gisele Bündchen, all of whom pay anywhere from $900 (for two nights) to $4,700 (for a seven-day stay). Three different programs are available, each consisting of juices, classes, supplements and cleansing services-i.e., colonic and digestive release treatments. Rigorous, yes. But some clients lose as much as 11 pounds in a week. Read more

February 2006
We Care: If you need a "fast" fix before you slip into that party dress, this is your nirvana .... The Draw: Detoxification through juice fasts and total cleansing attracts stars. Typical Day: You'll fill up on liquids hourly. Think carrot juice, vegetable broth and green drinks like spinach-and-kale juice, as well as lemon water and herbal tea. The staff recommends (but doesn't require) colonic therapy to speed up the cleansing process. Read more

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I know I'm in for an unusual experience at We Care Holistic Health Spa even before I finish checking in. "I just had the most amazing colonic," a white-robed woman remarks to me as I'm filling out forms at the front desk. "I thought the one I had yesterday was sensational, but you wouldn’t believe how much came out this time." I struggle for a response-–"congratulations" doesn't seem quite right–-and end up giving her what I hope was a supportive smile. But within hours of arriving at this spa, where weekend and one-week stays revolve around juice fasts and colonics, my inhibitions start evaporating in the remarkably social atmosphere. Read more
Before 2005

June 2004
Courtney Love has been to We Care Spa. So have Gwen Stefani, Tara Reid, Ben Affleck, Gisele Bündchen and Liv Tylyer, says the spa's manager. For up to $2,000 a week, stars undergo detox cures at the modest spa in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., where they trade solid food for vegetable juice and go for 40 minute colonic "irrigations" to help release impurities up to once a day. Read more

Woman's Own
January 2004
I am on an airplane, deciding whether or not I should eat the meal the flight attendant places on my tray table: Lasagna, salad (only half wilted!), roll (that that stale!), and some kind of dessert that resembles a white square with a red top (strawberry shortcake, I'm told). I am on my way to We Care, a holistic detox health spa in Desert Hot Springs, California, where I will be fasting (no food, only a careful prescription of juices, supplements, teas, and water), getting daily colonics (have to irrigate the system and remove the--um--, so to speak), and indulging in spa treatments to stimulate my lymph system and rid my body of dried skin. I'm staying for a week. Read more

Diet & Fitness
When I told friends I was going for a week of colonics, they said, "You're crazy." When I returned exclaiming, "It was great!" they said, "You really are crazy!" Well, call me crazy, but I returned 12 pounds lighter and amazingly energetic. My skin is clear and the whites of my eyes are bright. I'm now yet another devotee to the movement (no pun intended) and am about to tell you everything about colonics you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. My introduction to colonics was when a celebrity friend spent two weeks at We Care, an international destination in Southern California for colonic treatments, before going on tour. When she arrived home a skinny rock star with glowing skin, a beautifully transformed body that was obviously pounds thinner and an unmistakable aura of blissful centeredness, I was envious. I thought, "Yes. I will have colonics, too!" and then, "What are colonics?" I decided to visit the We Care center and see for myself. Read more

Fit Style
Celebrities' favorite vacation destinations revealed! Where do the stars go when they want to escape the hustle and bustle of Hollywood? "My favorite place to go is called We Care: it's a retreat in Palm Springs where you can cleanse and fast and do yoga and walk. Anytime I can get there by myself, I go. It's my haven." - Alicia Silverstone Read more

June 2003
Raw Beauty - What it is: The Body Deli, a line of chemical-free beauty products. "It's like the difference between canned food and fresh food," says David A. Parker, co-creator of the line. "In the plant world, everything has a life force. If you put chemicals in, you kill the potency." Who's into it: Alicia Silverstone, Christian Slater. Where to get it: We Care Holistic Health Retreat, the cleansing and fasting spa frequented by celebrities in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. Read more

Woman's World
Any fan of The Bold and the Beautiful can tell you how pretty Maeve Quinlan is. But when the actress recently headed for her favorite retreat in the Mojave Desert, it wasn't a pretty sight: her weight was up, her skin felt dry, her hair dull, her energy so low that coffee was all that kept her going. And on top of everything else, she was bloated. "I happen to retain a lot of water," sighs the Chicago native. Yet bedraggled as she was, Maeve was in good company the road to the We Care Holistic Health Center is always crowded with celebs--like Andie MacDowell, Alicia Sivlerstone, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon--who know the center's popular herb-based "internal cleansing" regimen will quickly erase the most fattening of sins. Read more

Beauty's outer limits We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California, is no typical New Age retreat. Visitors not only experience spa staples like yoga and mineral-pool dips but must undergo a stringent fasting program designed to "transform the body, mind, and spirit." Read more

Us Weekly
April 1, 2002
Starve for three days on juices, teas and herbs via the liquid-detox diet at We Care in Desert Hot Springs, California. (Matt Damon and Gisele Bündchen, above, swear it's fab!) Read more

October 2001
Michelle Behennah, a 24-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, dropped 7 pounds in five days at We Care. "My model friends come here to slim down before fashion shows, but I'm here to rejuvenate my system and lose toxin," she says. Read more

Natural Living
August 2000
Detox in the desert at We Care Holistic Health Center. This facility, located near Palm Springs, California, offers participants a range of cleansing options from fasting to colonics to lymphatic massage. In addition, nutrition, yoga, and meditation classes are available as well as vegetarian cooking demonstrations. One unique feature of the retreat is a labyrinth walk through desert walls. Attendees fast on a variety of vegetable juices, herbal teas, and lemon, as well as drinks that include psyllium, betonite, and chlorophyll. While you can design your own rejuvenation retreat ranging from one day to two weeks, a standard program is about seven days long. A week of liquid diet, daily colon hygiene treatments, detox baths, and bodywork are guaranteed to revitalize you. Before attending, it's best to prepare yourself. Read more

December 1999
Michelle Behennah, a 24-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, dropped 7 pounds in five days at We Care. "My model friends come here to slim down before fashion shows, but I'm here to rejuvenate my system and lose toxin," she says. Read more

June 1999
We Care Holistic Health Center Desert Hot Springs, California. The philosophy: Based on five principles of balanced health: detoxification, nutrition, digestion, exercise, focusing thoughts. Known for: Cleansing treatments, such as liquid fasting, colonics. Read more

June 1998
We Care Holistic Health Center Philosophy: Drink it up. Spiritual well-being is achieved through juice fasts. Each hour, guest choose from 13 vegetarian drinks like lemon-mint water, wheatgrass juice and a detox blend made with minerals and vitamins. The gong sounds at 7: But you can sleep in. Desert walks head out at 7, and yoga starts at 8. Read more

Healing Retreats and Spas
March/April 1998
...I had originally heard about We Care several years ago from a friend who goes there three times a year. She would return to town vibrant, enthusiastic, and mentally refreshed. We Care teaches five principles of balanced health, detoxification and balance, nutrition, digestion, exercise, and focused attention. Susan Lombardo, We Care's founder says, "It's not what is ingested that benefits the body, but what is digested and assimilated that counts." Read more

Ms. Fitness
...As time went on, however, the word spread about the results people were getting and people from all over the world began to come not for yoga, but for their fasting program my mother had developed. I began to realize that if you don't have your health, you don't have anything. Read more

Yoga Journal
February 1997
Juice fasting also brings a steady flow of live enzymes into the body at the same time that toxins are being released. Susan Lombardi, president and founder of We Care Holistic Health Center in Desert Hot Springs, California, explains: "Enzymes are the foundation for all cell regeneration. Enzyme deficiency compromises our immune systems and forces our bodies to borrow from metabolic and digestive enzyme stores to neutralize internally generated toxins and external invaders such as bacteria and viruses." We Care serves fresh juices to guests in a supervised fasting program coupled with other cleansing methods like colonics and lymphatic massage. Read more

Whole Life Times
June 1996
...We Care is a quaint, simple place - perfect for anyone longing to relax, rejuvenate, and restore body, mind and spirit. ...For more than 10 years Susana Lombardi, founder and president of We Care Holistic Health Center in Desert Hot Springs, has assisted thousands "in feeling the way nature intended us to feel good," ... Lombardi and her nurturing, knowledgeable staff have helped many with lowered vitality, imperfect health, lack of strength and other health conditions. ...You'll be squeaky clean inside and out! ...We Care provides a supportive and loving space. It left me feeling more alive, aware and nourished than I have in years. Read more

If you don't know what colonics are, you might want to stop reading after one clue: enema lite. Why are they so popular? "You'll be amazed at how much more energy and glow you'll have," promises Susan Lombardi, vice president of We Care Health Center, in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. "A colonic empties our body's garbage pail much more thoroughly than, say, nature or prunes." Clients first fast on all-natural liquids, then it's time to get it all out. "One colonic is just a quick fix--you want to go further than what you just ate yesterday," Susan says. And the discomfort factor? "At first, some people don't want the colonic part of our program--they just want to fast," says Susan. "Then they see how painless it is, and they jump on." So to speak. Read more

We Care, 15 minutes north of Palm Springs, focuses on detoxifying the body through fasting, flushing, and sweating. Visitors are asked to stick to fruit, vegetables, juices, and herb teas (and two tablespoons of olive oil at bedtime) for four days before arrival. Retreat founder Susana Lombardi is especially enthusiastic about colonic-irrigation therapy and We Care's cocktails of enzymes, purified water, and wheatgrass and vegetable juices, designed to release toxins from the body. Relaxing happens at the swimming and hot mineral pools and during daily yoga sessions. Read more
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Study Shows Positive Health Effects for Spa-Goers
Air date: November 26, 2012
WASHINGTON – From a decline in weight and reported stress levels to improvements in anxiety and depression levels, a spa getaway just may be what the doctor ordered. A recent study has shown that visitors to health and wellness spas experience positive short- and long-term health effects. Host Jamila Bey spoke with Dr. Andrew Newberg, director of research at the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Medical College, to discuss his spa research. Click to listen to the segment.

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